Theo’s new book: The Heart of The Pearl-How to Completely Heal from “Sexual” Abuse: www.theheartofthepearl.ca

Integrity Works transforms organizations into highly functioning teams through personalized staff development and team building and we help you resolve your personal and relationship problems with professional counselling.

We believe in you, the value of work, living values that guide us, and the power of inspired teams. (Click here to listen to Theo being interviewed on the Bill Kelly Show about living values at work.) If you need to make a difference in people’s lives, you’re who we want to work with. Like Kahlil Gibran, we believe that “work is love made visible”. Work should never be “just a job”. People who work just for money never give all that they’ve got. No matter what the job, good work feels meaningful, and offers a sense of purpose.

Part of maintaining a productive team is making sure your staff is healthy, both physically and emotionally. We offer resiliency training designed to prevent PTSD, compassion fatigue, burn-out, and related mental health issues. Theo has designed practical mental health training activities based on his unique blend of personal, clinical, and academic experience over 25 years including extensive experience working with first responders and other helping professionals. If you think your staff is exposed to high stress situations you should connect with us so he can provide the preventative training your people need.

We offer fun and creative values-based team building activities and events based on thorough assessment. We don’t just get you to do stuff and hope for the best; we design specifically to your needs to make a lasting impact. For example, we have designed activities for clients that increased accountability, empathy, cooperation, leadership, self-awareness, conflict resolution, appreciation, and communication.

We build Emotional and Ethical Intelligence, and we follow-up with you to make sure that what we’ve done has made the difference you were hoping for. We offer leadership support and create unique interactive retreats and workshops based on what you need. We believe that people learn best through play so we avoid boredom at all costs. Really, we’re here to take your problems away and replace them with solutions that’ll make you feel good and be more productive. Whether it’s staff development or management coaching/training or providing counselling services, we’re there for you.

Don’t fill your Staff Development Days with fluff. Let us create something meaningful, fun, and inspiring so that you can love your job. We’ll help you get the best out of your job, your people, and your life. Call us at 647-686-0116 and tell us what you need.

Theo Selles, M.Sc.
President, Integrity Works